Documenting my journey as a composer

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Talking All Things Games With Lloyd Tranter | ComposerCast 005

On episode 005 of ComposerCast, I have a great chat with my friend Lloyd about anything gaming related including indie vs AAA, how AI is going to change music and what I enjoy about VR games and experiences.

SuperPhone And Super Fans | ComposerCast 004

I’m recording this episode while sitting on top of a hill in the sunshine. I chat about a new app called SuperPhone that’s meant to help connect artists with their fans.

How I Network As A Composer | ComposerCast 003

On episode 003 of ComposerCast, I talk about how I network as a composer who’s not that confident in social situations.
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Overcoming Writer’s Block | ComposerCast 002

On episode 2 of ComposerCast, I list some tips on overcoming writer’s block when trying to compose music.
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Home Of Nerds Game Jam | ComposerCast 001

On episode 1 of ComposerCast, I talk about my experience as a composer doing my very first game jam.
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